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Yoga at Natural Balance

Yoga Mama classes meet you where you are, beginners, advanced, those with injuries or physical restrictions, everyone can find a way to move safely and have fun.  Here you will find small group classes that give you focused support, and specialised sequences to help you with specific  goals.


The main style of yoga taught is slow flow. Beginners yoga courses and fertility yoga courses are also offered. Read below for full descriptions of each of these. 

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Flow yoga

A combination of yoga styles, there's some flow sequences that Vinyasa yogis will be familiar with, as well as some longer held postures that Yin yogis will know. All classes have the underlying principals of sustainable yoga - that is yoga that will not injure you, yoga that is informed, teaches you to look within and find the shape that your body likes by supporting correct muscle activation or release.

In these classes you are encouraged to work to your own individual ability but also challenge your body and mind, allowing you to find and express your own style of yoga in a safe and fun environment. Discover how you can move with more ease in your body.

Beginners Yoga

New to yoga? Not sure where to put your feet or what any of the terms mean? Don't worry we've got you covered.

You'll learn about the fundamental principles of creating a safe, sustainable practice that works for your body. With detailed breakdowns of positioning, breath integration and modification options you'll find what works for you as an individual and be able to move on to any other class safely and with confidence.

Beginners yoga course is offered over 6 sessions.

Pregnancy yoga

Nourish your changing body with yoga classes designed specifically for pregnant women. Move in a way that helps to stretch out some of the common aches that can come with pregnancy, learn breathing techniques to help you relax and connect with your body, all while keeping you and your growing baby safe. Run in 6 week blocks for booking purposes, you can attend as many blocks in a row as you like until baby comes! Safe right from the first trimester all the way until your little one decides to show up.


Spaces limited to 6 participants.

Fertility yoga

Fertility yoga is unique as it is specialised to nourish the areas of the body that relate to reproduction and it is completely safe to continue during the first trimester of pregnancy.  The main goals of fertility yoga are to reduce stress, improve pelvic alignment, support circulation to the nerves in the spine and the organs associated with reproduction and to help you find your own strength, calmness and self-acceptance.

You will learn some breathing techniques and physical poses to help reduce stress in your body and mind. Your emotional health is important too, each class raises a discussion about common challenges to having a healthy full term pregnancy and alternative ways of viewing these challenges. The goal of these classes is for you to be able to practice with confidence, be more mindful of the amazing capability of your body, have simple tools to reduce your stress and overall optimise your reproductive health.

Courses held as demand dictates, both in studio and virtual options available. Contact to register your interest.

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